The origin story for Voltage Vodka began with the notion that America is the greatest country on the planet. For all of her flaws no one does it better than we do. That is, except for vodka. When we were trying to decide what to distill in our inaugural spirits class, the idea for vodka kept coming up and was always discounted. Sitting around the planning table in Cincinnati in 2016 we heard over and over "America isn't known for great vodka", yanks should stick to bourbon. "You'll never make anything as good as the fancy imports." Obviously, the fastest way to get us to do something is to tell us we can't or shouldn't. So, against all of our betters' advice, we decided to make a super premium American vodka. We wanted it to be very smooth and drinkable, even for those who like it just on the rocks. We wanted to use only the finest ingredients adding a unique Ohio twist. After many months of refinement, our talented team made it happen and we released the original Voltage Vodka in December of 2017.


The Voltage name is a word play on the power of the American entrepreneurial spirit. Some of our most creative ideas come while enjoying spirits and it is that spark has lit the fires of hard work and perseverance that over the long stretch have been the key to success for our families, our community and our nation. We wanted to honor America, its builders and its defenders with our vodka, an American vodka. 


Voltage is something we are proud to put up against the best imports.

Feel the power of this American spirit, it's electrifying.

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